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Massachusetts grants temp workers unprecedented "right to know" in new law

Yesterday, I wrote about a number of ways to improve health and safety for temp workers, but I omitted an important -- and timely -- one. 

A new Massachusetts law, the "Temporary Worker’s Right to Know Law," goes into effect today. 

The law grants critical protections to the more than 65,000 temporary workers employed in the Commonwealth and will serve as deterrent to temp agencies who seek to flout the state’s labor laws. Going forward, temp agencies will now be required to give each worker a written job order, providing information that every worker has a right to expect before going to a job, including overtime pay. It also provides tools for the Department of Labor Standards to ensure transparency and accountability within in the once shadowy temp industry. Learn more about this new law. 

National COSH congratulates MassCOSH and the other groups who worked to advance and pass this important, groundbreaking law, and calls on more states to enact similar legislation.