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Our 2013 wish list for workers' rights

No doubt you’ve already seen your fair share of lists for the New Year, from resolutions to goals, predictions to countdowns. Here at National COSH, we are gearing up for what’s sure to be a busy new year in advocating for workers’ health and safety. While we’re at it, we’ve put together our 2013 wish list for workers’ rights.

  1. A new attitude among the Obama administration towards health, safety, and environmental regulations that recognizes their benefits, as well as their costs to society;
  2. Action on the long-delayed silica standard;
  3. Resurrection of the child labor in agriculture rules that were killed by agribusiness interests;
  4. Withdrawal of the poultry industry rule that would allow drastically increased line speeds and result in even more disabled poultry workers;
  5. Congressional action to reform the OSH Act to provide meaningful penalties for serious violations and more protections for whistleblowers;
  6. Comprehensive immigration reform that will allow undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows and speak up for their safety and health on the job; and
  7. The end of workers dying from easily preventable causes like grain entrapments, trench cave-ins and confined space incidents.

What did we leave off? What’s on your 2013 wish list?