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Your 2013 wish list for workers' rights

Earlier this week, we shared our 2013 wish list for workers’ rights – then asked which topics would appear on your wish lists.

Here are some of your responses about which issues are important for workers’ safety and health in the coming year:

  • Better protections for workers who want to unionize so we can have a much stronger union movement.
  • Coverage for the public sector – especially regarding carpal tunnel and repetitive strains.
  • Implementation of injury and illness prevention programs.
  • State by state work for healthcare plans that include those with occupational diseases.
  • A new and improved emphasis on protections for "whistleblowers"--workers who speak up for their safety and health and are subject to retaliation.
  • Promulgation of an OSHA standard for heat stress.
  • Revised recordkeeping standards to include contractor injuries.
  • Roving worker representatives to do workplace inspections and issue what the Australians call "improvement notices."
  • Actual safety training for safety representatives in the workplace.
  • Information on musculoskeletal disorders written in plain language, so it’s easy to understand.
  • Behavior-based safety programs defined as hazards in and of themselves.
  • Understanding and training about behavioral health issues, mental illness recovery and navigating return to work, stress of impossible productivity expectations after lay-offs and emotional impact of lay-offs on remaining workers.
  • Passage of Farmworkers Bill of Rights.

We realize that these requests are lofty – it’s a “wish” list, after all – but with hard work and your help, we’ll set our goals high in the coming year. Together, we can try to achieve as many of these goals as possible. Check up on us often (on our blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter) to see what we’re working on and how you can help. To join the Protecting Workers Alliance email listserv, email