Arkansas Committee For Safety and Health (ARCOSH)

ARCOSH first met in April 2000, at our Worker Memorial Day event in Little Rock, when a group of Union Safety Representatives met to discuss issues they were facing at work. Supported by the Labor Education Program at UALR, the Committee has continued to meet since then covering issues of:

Workplace Safety and Health Hazards

Worker Rights to Employer Information about Safety and Health

Noise Hazards in the Workplace

The OSHA Ergonomics Standard

Evaluating Your Employer’s Safety and Health Program

There are many COSH groups in different areas of the country–city and statewide groups. COSH groups support local union safety committees with information and resources and promote safe workplaces in the community through union activity.

Our COSH group is supported by AR ALF-CIO, the Central Arkansas Labor Council, and other labor councils and organizations around the state. We now have members from the UFCW, UNITE, UAW, USWA, IAM, BLE, AFT, SEIU, the Arkansas Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice and other organizations around the state.

ARCOSH has also been awarded a start-up grant from the National Network of Committees on Safety and Health to train vulnerable workers, including high school students, low-wage workers, and non-English speaking workers, in basic rights under Federal OSHA. ARCOSH is working with the Ft. Smith/Van Buren Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice to provide this training and support for poultry workers in the area.

Officers of ARCOSH include:

Tom Karson, Labor Education Program, UALR, Chair

Michael Keen, President, UFCW L. 2008, Vice Chair

Candice Collins, Arkansas District Manager, UNITE, Secretary-Treasurer

Arkansas Committee For Safety and Health (ARCOSH)

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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