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Basic Worker Health & Safety Rights Under OSHA, NLRB and Other Agencies

This workshop, aimed at folks new to workplace health and safety, will cover basic workers’ and unions' health and safety rights under OSHA and under federal collective bargaining law. We’ll examine the right to know about hazards in the workplace, the right to protection from hazards, the right to training in safe work practices, the right to report hazards, and the right to refuse hazardous work.  We’ll discuss how  to exercise these rights most effectively, including when to use OSHA rights or collective bargaining rights or both.  We’ll also provide resources from unions, worker centers, COSH groups, universities, and government agencies to assist you in using these rights to solve workplace health and safety problems.


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  • Mark Catlin [SEIU]
  • Marsha Love [University of Illinois at Chicago] 

Mark Catlin


Mark works as an Industrial Hygienist for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in Washington, D.C.  He’s worked on occupational and environmental health issues since 1981 for organized labor, several COSH groups and an occupational medicine clinic.  In about 2000 he began collecting and incorporating historical films into his teaching.  In 2006, Mark created his YouTube Channel, Historic Workplace and Environmental Health and Safety Films, as a resource for trainers and educators.  The channel has had more than four million hits and currently contains more than 1,000 films and film clips from the rich history of occupational and environmental health, the earliest from 1912.  In 2010, Mark added a Facebook Page to promote occupational and environmental health films and his YouTube channel.



Marsha Love, Illinois Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety Education & Research Center, Chicago, Illinois


Marsha has worked for many years in the labor movement as an advocate and educator for workers’ rights to healthy and safe jobs. She established and directed the Health & Safety Programs at DC 37 AFSCME  and  at  CWA District 1 in New York, and she was a founding and active member of NYCOSH. Marsha now works in Chicago at the University of Illinois School of Public Health where she provides technical support, resources, research, and educational materials to worker centers, local labor unions, and community organizations. Over the years Marsha has specialized in conducting workshops on workers’ health and safety rights and on workplace stress with workers in many industries.  She has also designed and taught customized courses on health and safety to TWU members and USW members attending college. Marsha currently focuses on health and safety issues confronting immigrant workers, home care workers, and warehouse workers.