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Repeat a Lie Often Enough…

The New York Times ran a story on Sunday regarding Cass Sunstein’s departure which stated that  “Business lobbies and Republicans in Congress complain frequently about “job-killing” regulations, citing rules like …the  Department of Labor’s new worker-safety rules.”  

Landmark Temp Workers Bill Signed in Mass

A bill signed into law by Governor Patrick will ensure that the most egregious practices by some of the state’s temporary employment agencies will end.

40 Years after MSHA, Coal Miners Still Suffering from Black Lung

A great piece of investigative reporting by the Center for Public Integrity and NPR tells us this week that coal mining is still fatally dangerous to workers’ health.

A Round-Up of Workers Memorial Day Coverage

UPDATE (May 1, 2012): More than a few people took the time to forward us additional links to coverage of Workers Memorial Day events from around the country. We’ve updated our round-up, below, to include these additions.

Workplace Fatalities: A Family’s Perspective

A couple of days ago, family members of people who had been killed on the job attended a

12 Workers Are Killed On The Job Every Day In Our Country

This crossed our desk recently, and it’s well worth printing here. Our thanks to the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO for sending it to us.

Workers’ Memorial Day Events Across The Nation Call For Job Safety Protections

Taking the Fight for Workplace Safety to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Every year, right around 5,000 Americans go to work in the morning, just like they always do, expecting to come home at night.

But they don’t.

Give a Kid a Video Camera …

Give a kid a video camera and who knows?

Our Mission

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health is dedicated to promoting safe and healthy working conditions for all working people through organizing and advocacy. Our belief that almost all work-related deaths and serious injuries and illnesses are preventable motivates us to encourage workers to take action to protect their safety and health, promote protection from retaliation under job safety laws, and provide quality information and training about hazards on the job and workers’ rights.

And yet, the OMB Can’t Seem to Figure it Out!

Ask the OMB why the agency hasn’t finished reviewing a proposed silica standard, more than a year after taking the matter into consideration, and you’ll probably get some mealy-mouthed answer about how these things take time, etc., etc..

But the fact is, it comes down to politics and this is, after all, an election year.