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Former Inspectors Allege Fraud at MN OSHA

Former Inspectors Allege Fraudulent Actions by MN OSHA Program: Citations against “Star” Companies Discouraged

Whistleblowers Win Cases

Advocates for worker health and safety have been arguing for years that workers’ rights to file OSHA complaints without fear of retaliation need strengthening. “Whistleblower” complaints from workers who have been fired, demoted, or harassed after filing OSHA complaints often lead to years-long investigations without resolution or restitution for the victim. But a former employee of Able Linen Service in Auburn, NY and a welder employed by Union Pacific Railroad Co. proved that it’s not impossible to get justice under the whistleblower law.

Two big OSHA fines for Trenching Violations

In the 5th century B.C., Herodotus described methods for preventing deaths due to trench collapses in the Persian Wars, yet American workers continue to die every year as a result of inadequately protected trenches and excavations. OSHA put employers recently that it is taking this problem very seriously.