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Bill introduced in Nevada to require construction safety training

Responding to a spate of construction deaths in Las Vegas over the past two years, Nevada legislators are considering a bill to require all construction workers in the state to take the “OSHA 10”–the ten hour training course that provides the basics of construction safety. Supervisors would be required to take a 30 hour course Both labor and industry representatives have come out in support of the bill. Nevada OSHA would be required to issue certification cards for those who have received the training.
Nevada OSHA has expressed reservations about the bill, citing insufficient resources to enforce its provisions.

See the Las Vegas Sun story here.



OSHA 10 or 30 hour training on certain government funded jobs (such as stimulus projects) is now mandatory in six states (NY, MA, NH, RI, CT & MO) and NV has introduced currently pending legislation. Since becoming required by these states, online OSHA training is one of the types of learning that has really taken off. A person may receive their OSHA 10 or 30 hour training card by taking their online OSHA 10 hour training and 30 hour training courses at sites like or at . They receive quality training accepted by OSHA for online delivery, and receive the same exact OSHA wallet card as if they took the course live. This has really opened the door for many companies who could not justify an on site class due to cost or logistical challenges, and has really helped out individuals who wanted the OSHA training just for themselves. Very economical when compared to on site OSHA training, too.