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Conference Workshop List

Tentative List of National Worker Safety and Health Conference Workshops

Note: Participants do not need to sign up for a specific track, but may join in on any sessions in any track.

Track 1: Health and Safety in Organzing (3 Workshop Sessions)

Track 2: Spanish Language Workshops (4 Sessions)

Track 3:  Media and Communications Workshops (3-4 Sessions)

Other Workshops: (Not a complete list.)

Advanced Legal Rights- The Legal Process After Citations Get Issued

Basic Worker H&S Rights under OSHA, NLRB or other agencies.

Substitution and Elimination: Using OSHA’s New System for Managing Chemicals to Achieve Safer, Healthier Workplaces

Contract Negotiations for Health and Safety    

Fighting Under-Reporting of Injuries and Illnesses/ Safety Programs that Blame Workers, Hide Hazards and Keep Injury and Illness Numbers Low (I think this is essentially the same topic)

Health and Safety Programs- I2P2- What are they good for?

How to Make  Health, Safety, and Environment Committees Effective

Incident Investigations

Intro to Worker’s Compensation

National COSH Campaign- H&S Rights for All Workers

OSHA Walk-around Representation for Worker Advocates and Unions

Popular Education Techniques for H&S Training – Training for Action

Raising Public Awareness through Organizing Workers’ Memorial Day Events

Success with Families Fighting for Health & Safety Protections

Workplace Violence, Including Bullying

What You Need to Know About Third Party Lawsuits in Safety

Whistleblower Rights Under OSHA

H&S in Emergency Preparedness

After the storm:  S&H of gutting, mucking, and mold removal associated with water damaged homes and buildings

H& S Hazards of Work Restructuring