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Curricula on Young Workers

SAFE WORK/SAFE WORKERS: A guide for teaching high school students about occupational health and safety. Developed by the Occupational Health Surveillance Program, Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Children’s Safety Network, Education Development Center, Inc. A three-hour curriculum for young people that can be taught by high school teachers or other community educators in its entirety or in parts. The goals of SAFE WORK/SAFE WORKERS are:

  • to educate students about workplace hazards and strategies for preventing work-related injuries and illnesses;
  • to raise teens’ awareness of their rights on the job and the resources available to assist them;
  • to encourage young workers to be active participants in creating and maintaining safe and healthful work environments.

SAFE WORK/SAFE WORKERS includes everything you will need to teach an introductory unit on occupational health and safety. Includes a video and four learning activities created with high school students who helped make them relevant, age-appropriate, and fun. Background materials on pertinent occupational health and safety topics are included as are resource lists of helpful agencies and organizations. Click  here  for ordering information.

Healthy Communities, Healthy Jobs

This interactive, 37-session, semester-long curriculum from the UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health program was designed for high school students. The five units of this curriculum progressively build a knowledge base for students on the topics of environmental health, workplace health and safety, critical thinking, peer education, leadership, and communication skills.