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Who’s Dirty in 2018?

Who’s Dirty in 2018?

National COSH Opens Nominations for “Dirty Dozen”

Workers’ Memorial Week Report Will Highlight Employers from  Across the  
Country Who Put Workers, Communities at Risk  Through Unsafe Practices

Grupos de seguridad se unen para ofrecer un curso que ofrece información sobre como proteger a los trabajadores en Puerto Rico durante la limpieza del huracán

Esta “Capacitación de Capacitadores” incluye un equipo de Massachusetts, Michigan, Nueva York, Ohio, Texas y Washington D.C.

Cuatro meses después de que el Huracán María azotara a Puerto Rico, millones de residentes de la isla todavía enfrentan amenazas diarias a su seguridad y salud. Más de 2 millones de personas viven en áreas con riesgo de contaminación del agua, gran parte de la isla sigue sin electricidad y 60,000 hogares sin techo.

Safety Groups Team Up to Protect Workers During Ongoing Disaster Cleanup in Puerto Rico

“Train the Trainers” Event Includes Team from Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Texas and Washington DC

Four months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, millions of island residents still face daily threats to their safety and health. More than 2 million people live in areas at risk of water contamination, large parts of the island are still without electricity and 60,000 homes are without roofs.

National COSH and Safety Experts on USDA Proposal: Faster Line Speeds in U.S. Pork Plants Will Increase Risk of Worker Injuries and Food Contamination

National COSH and Safety Experts on USDA Proposal:

Faster Line Speeds in U.S. Pork Plants Will Increase
Risk of Worker Injuries and Food Contamination

"A Huge Win For Millions of Workers"

Workers’ Right to Protection from Deadly Silica Dust Affirmed by DC Appeals Court
 Statement of National COSH
Re: Decision  Upholding OSHA Silica Standard
This statement is from Jessica Martinez, co-executive director, National Council for Occupational Safety and Health:  

National COSH on OSHA, Bureau of Labor Statistics Nominees: Transparency Saves Lives. Advocates call for “open source” policy on workplace fatalities and renewed action on silica, temp workers

As the U.S. Senate prepares for a hearing on nominees to head the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, safety advocates are calling for the two agencies to boost efforts to save lives in U.S. workplaces by collecting and disseminating full information about on-the-job fatalities.  

National COSH on Nomination of Scott Mugno to Lead OSHA: Congress and Agency Must Focus on Terrible Toll of Workplace Deaths, Injuries and Illness

With the nomination of Scott Mugno, a vice president of FedEx, to head the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Congress and the agency must focus on the terrible toll of preventable injuries, illnesses and deaths that take place every year in U.S. workplaces, say leaders of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH).  

More Billions for a Billionaire? Two Deaths in September at Amazon Warehouses Show Need for Accountability as Company Chases Incentives for New HQ

Two recent deaths within a single week at warehouses in Pennsylvania and Indiana show the need for strict accountability in exchange for public subsidies, say workplace safety and economic development experts.

Report from Houston: COSH Network Mobilizes for #SafeCleanUp

By Jessica Martinez

I recently had the opportunity to visit Houston for a three-day intensive bilingual “train-the-trainers” session for workers who want to see their city rebuilt safely and securely. What I witnessed there was so powerful that I wanted to share my experience with you.

I joined twenty-five day laborers, domestic workers, community health workers and others, all gathering essential information and tools that they will bring back to educate and empower hundreds of other workers.

#COSHCON17: It’s On- Can You Join Us?

Registration is now open for The National Conference on Worker Safety and Health (#COSHCON17), coming up this December 5th through 7th just outside Baltimore, MD. We” re excited about this year’s program and we hope you are too.

#COSHCON17 is is the only national gathering of its kind, bringing together diverse grassroots health and safety activists from across the U.S. We” re gathering at a critical time for our movement- and we” ll tackle the big issues: