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Give a Kid a Video Camera …

Give a kid a video camera and who knows? Maybe you’ll find the next Senor Spielbergo or John Woo — or not, but you could well end up with some creative and insightful material that can reach kids in ways you never would have thought of.

That seems to be the thinking behind an Oregon contest that featured high school students creating PSA videos that would increase workplace safety awareness among their peers, and it’s certainly what the backers of the competition got, judging from the winning entries.

First place: SafetyMan, who reveals to an unknowing young lad the grim future that shall be his should he continue to forego ear protection. You can watch it here.

A pair of students at Two Sisters High School in Salem, Oregon, Drew Corrigan and Mitch Keranen, produced the winning video and received a $500 first-place prize for their effort, and their school won a matching award as well.

The other winning videos can be seen here.

The contest is organized by the Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition (O[yes]). Oregon OSHA, SAIF Corporation, local chapters of the American Society of Safety Engineers, the Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (CROET), Liberty Northwest, Hoffman Construction, and the Greater Portland Construction Partnership sponsor the contest.

Congratulations to all the winners!