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Day 3 of Workers’ Memorial Week of Action: Preparing for a Twitterstorm, Remembering Eva Macias

Today marks the third day of Workers’ Memorial Week of Action, and we show no signs of letting up yet. We’ve shared infographics, released a report, held a press conference, and hosted a Facebook Town Hall. We’ve also conducted several interviews and been highlighted in many media outlets. (We’ll post about our coverage in the future.) Tomorrow, we’re gearing up to storm Twitter and let the Twittersphere — and everyone else — that too many workers face untimely deaths on the job, and that we must take action to prevent more from doing the same.

Below, we’ll share some Twitter tips to get you all started, including Twitter handles to target, hashtags to use, and even sample tweets. But first, we wanted to take the time to remember Eva Macias  (right), a 66-year-old Mexican immigrant who was killed on the job at a waste management facility in San Leando, Calif.

A native of La Palma Michoacan, Mexico, Eva arrived in the United States in 1969. Eva worked most of the time after that, as she and her husband, Victor, raised three children.

For about 30 years, Eva worked in an East Bay plant making wood for number 2 lead pencils. When it closed, she was hired at Waste Management’s Davis St. material recycling and transfer plant in San Leandro. It is North America’s largest recycling company.

Eva thrived there for 13 years, working as traffic director (a flagger), directing the public to drop-off areas.  

It all ended on June 18, 2012. About 3:00 p.m. on that day, she was hit and run over by a front-end loader driven by a co-worker. The man was a 22-year employee in the small department where everyone knows one another.

The 5-foot-three-inch woman was wearing a reflective sweater, hardhat, and glasses. But the bucket on the loader was off the ground high enough so that the operator couldn’tsee people walking in front of him. Six members of the public were on the site, emptying trucks of recycling materials. Two saw the loader hit Eva, snagging her shirt and lifting her in the air before she fell to the ground and was run over.

Eva died that night in hospital. She left behind her husband, children, five grandchildren and nine siblings.

“We miss her very, very much,” her daughter, Maria, said. “I miss everything — our dinners together, the family being together. It’s different now. Everything’s different.”

Read more about Eva’s story and what happened in the wake of her death.

It’s because of stories like Eva’s that we continue our fight for safer workplaces. Eva was just one of the 4,609 workers who died on the job in 2011.

Here are some Twitter tips we can all use tomorrow to draw attention to stories like Eva’s, and like so many other workers’.  

Targets to tweet at:  


@USDOL, @BLS_gov, @NIOSH, @NIOSH_TWH (total worker health), @NIOSHoilandgas, @NIOSHManuf, @OMBPress (re: silica rule), @USDA (re: poultry rule), and @wvgazette or @kenwardjr (re: mine safety), @PattyMurray (re: PAWA)

Handles of groups that will be participating:


National COSH: @NationalCOSH


Coaliton for Sensible Safeguards: @RegsRock


Public Citizen: @Public_Citizen; @SafeWorkers; @Citvox


Center for Effective Government: @foreffectivegov



Other COSH groups on Twitter: @MassCOSH, @WisCOSH, @NYCOSH, @NJWEC, @WorkSafeCA, @WesternMassCOSH

A list of folks from the Protecting Workers Alliance on Twitter is available here.

Do you want to participate but haven’ttold us? No problem! Either jump right in, or tell Dorry ([email protected]) to look out for you.

Hash Tags:

#WMDay, #OSHA, #MSHA, #PoultryRule, #askUSDA, #workersafety, #I2P2, #silica, #whistleblower, #workplaceviolence, and #fracking.

Shortened URLs: – National COSH report – National COSH report press release – Workers’ Memorial Week of Action page – Story Bank of Fallen Workers

Sample Tweets:


Since 1970 and passage of  #OSHA, 472,000 workers have been saved, but we can do more. Let’s keep  #workersafety  a priority and enforce laws

This  #WMDay, let’s honor the 4,609 workers who have died on the job in 2011 by strengthening  #workersafety  standards.

In 2012, #OSHA inspected 2 of 65 fertilizer plants like one in West, Texas. With more inspections, we can prevent #workplaceviolence

In 2011, avg 13 workers fatally injured on the job each day.  @Whitehouse: we can do better. Stand for  #workersafety

USDA #PoultryRule will endanger #workersafety and health. #askUSDA to stop rule and consider harm to workers

This week, we all honor the 4,609 workers who died on the job in 2011. #WMDay #OSHA

#FF to groups participating in #WMDay Twitterstorm. Together, we can keep our workers safer

Fallen, but not forgotten. These were just some of the workers who have been killed on the job. #WMDay

Everyday in America 13 people go to work but never come home. ‪#workermemorialweek #WMDay #workersafety ‪

The tragic stories behind the statistics on worker deaths. New report from ‪@NationalCOSH: ‪   ‪#OSHA ‪#WMDay

“A worker’s first day at work shouldn’t be his last day on Earth.” – ‪#OSHA chief David Michaels ‪   ‪#WMDay

In US, worker fatality rate for ‪#Latinos is highest: 3.9 per 100,000 workers. ‪   ‪#WMDay

National report discusses health & safety issues for ‪#temp, ‪#immigrant, ‪#energy, & young workers ‪   ‪#WMDay ‪#OSHA

No worker should have to pay the price of their life for their job. ‪#WMDay ‪  

“As companies decry regulations and emphasize profits over safety, workers pay the ultimate price.” #WMDay

14 dead 200 injured in ‪#WestTX Let us “not only mourn but also organize” for ‪#workplacesafety & ‪#workersrights ‪   ‪#WMDay  

‪#Westtx explosion shows what can & does happen to workers&communities when priority on profits > public health&safety ‪  

I have chosen to fight in his name and for others. My fight, his fight, has just started!- Adriana, widow #WMDay

Meaningful #immigration reform is important to #workersafety #WMDay

Nearly 500 people have suffocated in grain bins since 1964 #WMDay

Of the 4,609 workers who were killed on the job in 2011, 370 were under the age of 25 #WMDay

#Immigrant workers toil in the most dangerous jobs of the most dangerous industries. Need reform now. #WMDay

.@PattyMurray‘s Protecting America’s Workers Act would ensure that workers return home safely every day. #WMDay #PAWA

There were 458 fatalities officially categorized as “at-work homicides” in 2011; 358 were #gun-related. #WMDay

#OSHA must enact an Injury/Illness Prevention Std to require employers to find & fix workplace hazards #WMDay #I2P2