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The National COSH is engaged in three campaigns currently. Click on the links below to read more information about each:

Campaign to Protect American Workers–Reform OSHA Now!

After eight years of almost complete federal inaction on worker health and safety, the National COSH is calling on the US Congress to carry out a comprehensive reform of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. We are urging support for the Protecting America’s Workers Act, HR 2067 and S 1580. Together with allied organizations promoting worker safety and health, we have formed the Protecting Workers Alliance. Read more about the proposed legislation on the Alliance’s website.

Green Jobs-Safe Jobs Campaign
COSH organizations have long been active in “Blue-Green Alliances” bringing together labor and environmental activists. We applaud the new federal focus on “Green Jobs” and the great infusion of resources allocated to new public works and “Green Jobs” programs. But we fear that these programs could have the unintended consequence of exposing hundreds of thousands of inexperienced workers to a broad range of hazards. In the rush to get projects underway, safety and health considerations may be brushed aside. Our “Green Jobs/Safe jobs campaign aims to ensure that the agencies overseeing such projects take adequate account of the safety and health hazards involved and implement appropriate training and prevention programs.

Immigrant Workers’ Campaign.
Immigrant workers continue to suffer high rates of job injuries and fatalities. We are carrying out a campaign to ensure that federal and state OSHA programs provide adequate protections for immigrant workers. See our Immigrant Workers section to read more.