International Links: Europe

European Work Hazards Network

A European network of workers, activists, occupational safety and health experts, researchers, and journalists. Their aim is to improve working conditions in Europe and the rest of the world. Activities include campaigning, networking, information exchange, publishing the Work Hazards International Newsletter, organising the biannual European Work Hazards Conference and lobbying the authourities in Europe.

Individual country work hazards networks:

United Kingdom : The Hazards Campaign. The Hazards Campaign is a national network established in 1988, financed by donations from supporting groups and individuals. It draws together Hazards Centres, Occupational Health Projects, health and safety groups and Trades Union Councils’ Safety Committees, specific campaigns and individual health and safety activists. Specific campaign groups include the Construction Safety Campaign, bereaved relatives groups, asbestos support groups, RSI support groups, pesticide sufferers groups, campaigns against hazards affecting black and ethnic minority groups and toxic waste groups.

The London Hazards Centre, a London affiliate of the Hazards Campaign.

The Netherlands: NetWerk (in English and in Dutch)

Austria: PPM Network (German only)

Italy: Societa Nazionale di Operatori de Prevenzione (National Preventive Medicine Network) (website in Italian only)

Other Resources in Europe

Hazards Magazine: An award-winning journal covering activism on worker health and safety issues around the world. An outstanding resource for workers and unions.

SafeWorkers: A very useful collection of materials on a wide range of health and safety issues is available from this professional website.

Trades Union Congress, United Kingdom: Health and safety page for unions in the UK, including the on-line bulletin “Risks”, an outstanding source of information on both national and international work hazards issues and international campaigns.

Trade Union Technical Bureau The European Trade Union Technical Bureau for Health and Safety was established in 1989 by the European Trade Union Confederation in order to monitor the drafting, transposition and application of this legislation. The TUTB provides expertise to European institutions dealing with areas related to the working environment. Website has many resources on European worker health and safety topics.

The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions: a European Union body established to contribute to the planning and design of better living and working conditions in Europe.

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. This Agency was set up by the European Union in order to serve the information needs of people with an interest in occupational safety and health. The Agency is managed by a Board with Government, Worker, and Employer representatives from all EU Member States as well as representatives from the European Commission.

The Finnish Institute or Occupational Safety and Health (English language site.) Information on Research, training, collaborative projects, etc.