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How you can help: #SafeCleanUp from Hurricane Harvey

As communities in Texas and Louisiana begin recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the COSH Network is taking action to ensure that workers are protected during clean up efforts. We know from experience after other disasters- 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Rita- that recovery workers will be exposed to mold, sewage, toxic ash, chemical debris and other hazards.

Here are two quick ways you can help ensure a #SafeCleanUp for day laborers, construction workers, utility workers and others who will be on the front lines:

  • Donate to our compañeros at Fe y Justicia in Houston, who will provide a hotline and health and safety awareness for affected workers. Let’s make sure workers know their rights and have tools to work safely.  
  • Share these #SafeCleanUp fact sheets for workers and residents from NYCOSH and National COSH  

Fact Sheets for Workers and Residents/Hojas Informatives Para Trabajadores y Residente:  

Health Hazards:


Many thanks for your help and support!