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Research on workplace injuries and illnesses among immigrants

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Legal Rights of Immigrant Workers

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Campaign to Protect Immigrant Workers


Mexican Immigrant Workers in the United States: Background and Context of Migration. A Powerpoint presentation on the context of migration as it affects immigrant workers’ health and safety, specifically addressing Mexican migrants from the state of Guanajuato. Tom O’Connor, presented at the National COSH conference, Nov. 2005.

Recommendations from the National Conference on Immigrant Workers’ Safety and Health held at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, September 2004.

Immigrant Workers at Risk: The urgent need for improved workplace safety and health policies and programs. Report from the AFL-CIO, August, 2005.

Improving Health and Safety Conditions for California’s Immigrant Workers. A detailed report with recommendations by the California Working Immigrant Safety and Health Coalition, November, 2002. 44 pages. (pdf)

"Low Pay, High Risk: State Models for Advancing Immigrant Workers’ Rights." A detailed report by the National Employment Law Project. (pdf)

California’s Immigrant Workers Speak up About Health and Safety in the Workplace. Summary of a report by the UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health program, detailing findings from a study of 75 immigrants in day labor, domestic work, garment work, homecare, hotel and restaurant work.

Workplace Safety and Health Issues Confronting Immigrant Workers. New York Committee on Occupational Safety and Health Testimony before the Senate Subcommittee on Employment, Safety and Training of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Washington, DC, February 27, 2002.

Hispanic Environmental and Occupational Safety & Health (EOSH) initiative: A partnership among the USEPA, National Safety Council, Pan-American Health Organization, and Hispanic Health Alliance with the goal of improving environmental and occupational health conditions of Hispanics throughout the Americas. The coalition plans a biannual Hispanic Forum conference, periodic focus groups, and roundtables.

Recommendations for action to improve environmental and occupational health and safety among Hispanics from the 2000 Hispanic Forum.

"The AFL-CIO’s Policy Principles on Immigration: Ensuring Worker Rights and a Better Life for all working families."

Research on workplace injuries and illnesses among immigrants

Safety is Seguridad: A Workshop Summary (2003): Proceedings from a workshop sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences and NIOSH addressing the most effective methods for reaching Spanish-speaking workers with OSH information. The proceedings include several "white papers" including:

"Reaching Spanish-speaking workers and employers with Occupational Safety and Health Information." Addresses the most effective methods for reaching Spanish-speaking workers with occupational safety and health training and information. Tom O’Connor. (pdf)

"Hispanic Workers in the US: An analysis of employment distributions, fatal occupational injuries, and non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses." Scott Richardson, et al. Bureau of Labor Statistics. A thorough analysis of data from 1995 through 2000 which demonstrates that Hispanic workers have consistently experienced fatal injury rates far above that of all workers.

"An Examination of occupational safety and health materials currently available for workers." Marianne Brown.

"An Examination of the occupational risks and occupational safety and health communication needs of Spanish-speaking children who are employed or live on farms." Martha Soledad Vela-Acosta.

"Occupational Health among Latino Workers: A needs assessment and recommended interventions. " Rafael Moure-Eraso and George Friedman-Jimenez.

Characteristics of Hispanic Construction Workers: Their Safety and Health in the Workplace. A study by Xiuwen Dong and James W. Platner of the Center to Protect Workers’ Rights demonstrating that Hispanic construction workers have elevated risks of injury relative to all construction workers.

Immigrant Workers at Risk: A qualitative study of hazards faced by Latino immigrant construction workers in the Triangle area of North Carolina. North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Project, June, 2000. (pdf)

Fatal Occupational Injuries to Foreign-Born Workers by Selected Characteristics: 1994-1999. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (pdf)

Issue Papers from the October 2000 Hispanic Forum on a Safe and Healthy Environment including: "Pesticide Hazards", "Hispanic Women in Occupational Health," and "Hispanic Workers in the Construction Industry: Falls as a Specific Risk."

Proceedings from the October 2000 Hispanic Forum on a Safe and Healthy Environment. (Click here for Spanish version.)

The Right To Understand—Linking Literacy to Health and Safety Training. Published by the Labor Occupational Health Program, UC-Berkeley. An excellent resource for trainers and educators working with either low-literacy English-speaking workers or immigrants.

Unions and Immigrant Workers

What Union Members Should Know About Unions and Immigrant Workers, AFL-CIO. (pdf)

Legal Issues

Coverage, remedies and discovery protections for immigrants enforcing their labor rights Updated March, 2001. By Rebecca Smith, National Employment Law Project and Mary Bauer, Virginia Justice Center. (pdf)

Drafting Day Labor Legislation: A Guide for Organizers and Advocates. National Employment Law Project. (pdf)

Workers, Know Your Rights: Supreme Court Ruling Does Not Strip Undocumented Workers of their Labor Rights (English version.) National Employment Law Project. (Spanish version.) (pdf)

Legal Rights of Immigrants: What Union Members Should Know. Factsheet by the AFL-CIO (pdf)

Protection from Discrimination based on Immigration Status. AFL-CIO.


National Employment Law Project’s Immigrant Worker Project: Good resources on issues facing immigrants in the workplace.

Chinese Staff and Workers Association, Occupational Safety and Health Project

Boat People SOS: National Vietnamese service agency that has a Community Awareness Campaign on Occupational Safety, including OSH materials in Vietnamese.

The Latin American Workers Project, a New York city area grassroots worker association that operates several day labor workers’ centers.