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Legal and Policy Issues related to Immigrant Workers

Low Wage Injured Workers and Access to Clinical Care: A Policy Analysis. This study by Glenn Shor for the UCSF Community Occupational Health Project looks at health care access for low wage immigrant workers.

Recommendations from the National Conference on Immigrant Workers’ Safety and Health  held at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, September 2004.

“Unintended consequences: limiting workers’ compensation benefits for undocumented workers exposes workers to greater risks of injury, business to greater costs.  A 2008 report by the National Employment Law Project.

Immigrant Workers at Risk:  The urgent need for improved workplace safety and health policies and programs. Report from the AFL-CIO, August, 2005.

Improving Health and Safety Conditions for California’s Immigrant Workers.  A detailed report with recommendations by the California Working Immigrant Safety and Health Coalition, November, 2002. 44 pages. (pdf)

Mexican Immigrant Workers in the United States: Background and Context of Migration.  A Powerpoint presentation on the context of migration as it affects immigrant workers’ health and safety, specifically addressing Mexican migrants from the state of Guanajuato. Tom O’Connor, presented at the National COSH conference, Nov. 2005.

“Low Pay, High Risk: State Models for Advancing Immigrant Workers’ Rights.”  A detailed report by the National Employment Law Project. (pdf)

“California’s Immigrant Workers Speak up About Health and Safety in the Workplace.  Summary of a report by the UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health program, detailing findings from a study of 75 immigrants in day labor, domestic work, garment work, homecare, hotel and restaurant work.

“The AFL-CIO’s Policy Principles on Immigration: Ensuring Worker Rights and a Better Life for all working families.”  ON THE CORNER: Day Labor in the United States