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Likely Conference Workshops – 2013

1. Making Health and Safety Programs Effective: Guidelines for effective Injury and Illness Prevention Programs

2. Basic Worker H&S Rights under OSHA, NLRB and other agencies.

3. Strategic use of Worker Health and Safety Rights

4. Fighting Under-Reporting of Injuries and Illnesses

5. Internet Resources for Health and Safety

6. Introduction to Ergonomics

7. Whistleblower Rights under OSHA

8. Contract Negotiations for Health and Safety

9. Four Dangerous Myths That Destroy Health and Safety Programs

10. Popular Education Techniques for Health and Safety Training

11. Reaching New workers in H&S- H&S in Organizing

12. Accident Investigations

13. Learning Lessons from Workplace Fatalities

14. Advanced Legal Rights

15. What You Need To Know About Third Party Lawsuits In Safety

16. Drug Testing and Safety- Help or Hindrance?

17. Health Effects of Work Organization including Hours of work

18. Workplace Violence Prevention

19. Using Social Media to Promote H&S

20. Success with Families Fighting for H&S Protections

21. Transformation of Ineffective Behavior-Based Safety Programs

22. Safe Patient Handling Techniques

23. H&S for Construction Workers

24. Community Partnerships for Immigrant Worker Outreach

25. Organizing Health And Safety Campaigns – Getting Management To Fix What They Don’tWant To Fix

26. H & S For Temp Workers–Advocacy For Stronger Protections

27. Workers’ Compensation: Advocacy For Stronger Protections Under State Workers’ Comp Laws

28. Intro to Workers Comp

29. Hazard Communication under the new GHS rules

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