Good Links to Health and Safety and Workers’ Rights Resources:

(also see our technical links section for a longer list of links to technical health and safety resources.)

Confined Space: A new "Weblog" by long-time health and safety advocate Jordan Barab containing lots of great information as well as entertaining and provocative commentary on labor, health and safety, and politics.

NYCOSH: The website of the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health has an abundance of resources for workers on a wide range of health and safety and workers’ compensation issues as well as some 1,500 links to other valuable sites on the internet.

AFL-CIO: The AFL-CIO’s health and safety page contains resources and updates on national campaigns for better working conditions.

AFSCME: The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees has an active national health and safety program with a very useful website.

UAW: The United Auto Workers’ site has newsletters, action alerts, and other valuable resources.

CWA: The Communications Workers of America’s site has good news on health and safety issues, bulletins, a good collection of fact sheets, and excellent links.

LOHP: The Labor Occupational Health Program of the University of California at Berkeley has many excellent resources on issues such as collective bargaining for health and safety, ergonomics, organizing around health and safety, resources for young workers, and many other issues.

OSHA: The website of Federal OSHA includes some useful materials for workers, particularly the "Workers’ Page" which includes answers to frequently asked questions, factsheets on workers’ rights under OSHA, and links to local OSHA area offices. It also contains a searchable OSHA inspections database that allows you to research OSHA inspection results by industry code and other variables.

NIOSH: The NIOSH website has a wide variety of materials that are useful to a range of audiences. One that is particularly useful for workers and unions is the Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) section. An HHE can be requested to investigate possible health hazards in the workplace.