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Mourn for the Dead, Fight for the Living

Get ready for Workers Memorial Week

National COSH English/Spanish Webinars Set for March 9, March 16th

In 2017,  Workers Memorial Week  will be a  Call to Action  for all those concerned about safety in our workplaces. It’s a time to honor the dead and the families who have been left behind. This year we” ll be remembering workers like Regina Elsea, a 20-year old temp at an Alabama auto parts plant, who was crushed to death by a robot last June. Regina died just two weeks before she planned to get married.

Workers Memorial Week is also a time to fight like hell for the living. This year, as we face unprecedented attacks on workers, immigrant communities and our right to safe workplaces, there is no doubt we” ll have plenty of fights on our hands.

As part of our mission to demand an end to worker injuries, illnesses and deaths, National COSH promotes Workers Memorial Week events nationwide, providing training and support to local organizations, unions and families of fallen workers seeking to mourn for the dead and fight for the living.

This year, National COSH is presenting two  Workers Memorial Week  webinars in English on  Thursday March 9  and in Spanish on  Thursday March 16. The events are being presented in two languages to enable the broadest possible outreach to workers and communities. Both webinars will take place at 12 noon ET/9am PT.

The webinars will feature presentations from COSH groups, workers’ centers and our allies, discussing how to create successful WMW events. We” ll talk about techniques for engaging families, media strategies, what we can learn from fatality investigations and other topics.

If you” re getting ready for Workers’ Memorial Week in your community- or if you” re thinking about planning an event this year- you don’twant to miss these webinars.   To join, please RSVP to  [email protected]  or  [email protected].