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COVID Resources for Workers / Recursos de COVID para Trabajadores


COVID 2022:  What Workers Need  to Know Fact Sheet


Covid 2022:  Protect yourself, family and coworkers!


OSHA Guidance for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 for Non-Healthcare Workplaces Fact Sheet

 This fact sheet explains the new OSHA guidance for preventing COVID-19 infaction in non-healthcare workplaces.


National Agenda for Worker Safety and Health

After nearly a year of COVID, workers around the country are sick, dying and broke. Together, we can turn this around: save lives, get healthy, and get back to work in an environment with greater safety precautions and lower risk. The National Agenda for Worker Safety and Health, released on Wednesday, February 3, 2021, was developed by workers, unions, safety advocates and worker organizations. It brings together ideas, based on real experience in our workplaces, to confront the COVID-19 pandemic and other hazards in our workplaces. (en español) See the toolkit for the agenda here.


COVID-19 Worker Rights and Strategies

Comprehensive list of common questions workers have about workplace safety during the COVID-19 pandemic with suggestions for taking corrective action, explanations of preventive measures such as contract tracing and details about when to contact OSHA and what to expect. Also covers refusing unsafe work and return-to-work liability waivers. (en español)

Demand Protection at work

Series of 11 badges of steps workers can take on the job to demand COVID-19 protections from employers.


COVID-19 Transmission Badges

Series of 8 “badges” to share on social media either as a story or individually with the latest information about how COVID-19 is spread.


COVID-19 Worker Fatality Database

We are collecting the names of workers who have died from COVID-19 they presumably contracted on the job.

A Safe and Just Return to Work Report

Real strategies to re-open workplaces in ways that ensure the physical and financial well-being of all workers. With guidance from over 50 labor and community advocates, industrial hygienists, occupational health experts, attorneys, and physicians, the report was written to support workers, organizers and members of the community in efforts to keep workers safe on the job during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A Safe and Just Return to Work Report | Un Regreso Seguro Y Justo al Trabajo

Best practices for collective worker actions that can enhance workplace safety

Model Workplace Safety and Health Demands for Essential Workers

Modelo de Exigencias de Seguridad & Salud en el Lugar de Trabajo para Trabajadorxs Esenciales

Download a printable version of the infographic

Essential Workers Town Hall
May 20, 2020

To lift up the voices of essential workers, National COSH hosted a bilingual virtual Essential Workers Town Hall on May 20th with two very special guest speakers: Academy Award-winning actress and long-time activist Jane Fonda and Dr. Linda Rae Murray, an occupational medicine expert and activist. In between we heard from several front-line workers about their experiences working during the pandemic. We also heard from organizers and workers who are advocating for protections for front-line workers. If you were unable to attend the town hall, you can watch the video or view the slides or watch the recordings with individual presenters.

Coronavirus: What workers and advocates need to know Webinar
March 26, 2020