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Long Prison Terms for Managers of McWane Subsidiary

A federal judge sentenced three former managers of Atlantic States Pipe Foundry to lengthy prison terms for their roles in covering up safety violations that led to the death of a worker and for environmental violations. Plant manager John Prisque was sentenced to 70 months for making false statements to federal investigators after three accidents at the plant, including a forklift fatality. In another incident, a worker lost three fingers in a cement mixer, and in the third accident, a worker lost an eye when a saw blade broke. Maintenance supervisor Jeffrey Maury was sentenced to 30 months. Human resource manager Scott Faubert was sentenced to 41 months in prison. A fourth manager is yet to be sentenced.

Atlantic States is a subsidiary of McWane Inc, which has been convicted of environmental crimes in Utah, Texas and Alabama in recent years. McWane’s horrific record of OSHA violations was exposed in an in-depth series in the New York Times several years ago. The convictions represent a landmark case in bringing justice for victims of unsafe working conditions.