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Campaign to Protect American Workers–Reform OSHA Now! The National COSH calls on the new Obama administration and the US Congress to carry out a long overdue, comprehensive reform of the OSH Act.

Green Jobs-Safe Jobs Campaign
Working to ensure that new Green Jobs programs provide adequate safety and health protections for all workers.

Jordan Barab Named Acting OSHA Chief

Longtime health and safety activist Jordan Barab was named acting head of OSHA by Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. Barab has been working for the last two years as a senior policy adviser for the House Education and Labor Committee, where he has played a key role in bringing workers’ health and safety concerns to the forefront.

The National COSH is very pleased to see this appointment which indicates a strong commitment to worker safety and health on the part of the new administration.

Barab will lead the agency until a permanent director is chosen and then will become OSHA’s deputy assistant secretary on a permanent basis. The National COSH and its allies in the Protecting Workers Alliance submitted to the Labor Secretary a list of names of candidates for the top OSHA job that we would like to see the administration consider. Rumors suggest that one of our top candidates is currently the favorite. Keep an eye on this space for further developments.