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David Michaels on Green Jobs-Safe Jobs

Attendees at this week’s NIOSH conference on Green Jobs reported that new OSHA chief David Michaels gave an excellent speech on worker safety and health in “Green Jobs.”  I found this statement particularly compelling:
“It’s not a matter of choosing  either  a green future  or  safe jobs. It’s both. It’s all or nothing, and NIOSH, OSHA and everyone else needs to play a role in building this sustainable economy – an economy that will provide sufficient jobs, green jobs,  and  jobs that are safe for all workers.Here is where we start: Most people instinctively see green jobs as safe. But at OSHA, when we hear “weatherization and renovation,” we see exposure to lead and asbestos. When we hear insulation, we think isocyanate exposure. When we hear rooftop solar power, we see fall hazards. When we hear wind energy, we see lockout hazards.”
You can read the full text of the speech here.