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Gas Purging Causes Another Multi-Fatality Explosion

Less than 48 hours after the US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) approved “Urgent Recommendations” about the need for precautions when purging gas lines, a huge explosion rocked a power plant in Middletown Connecticut. The CSB’s recommendations came on the heels of the tragic explosion at the Con-Agra plant in Garner, NC, which resulted in four worker deaths and many injuries. The intent of the recommendations was to alert industry personnel around the country in order to prevent further tragedies and worker deaths.
It seems that the word didn’t reach Connecticut.
The CSB issued a safety bulletin last September in response to the Con-Agra explosion in which they warned of the dangers of gas purging, especially when vented indoors. We don’t know all the details of the Middletown case yet, but, clearly, adequate precautions were not taken during the purging operation.
How many more workers need to die before these safety warnings are adequately heeded?