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Where is the Media Coverage of 11 workers missing in Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Explosion?

(April 26) Six days after the explosion of the BP/Transocean oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, it appears sadly unlikely that any survivors will be found among the 11 missing workers. The loss of 11 workers would qualify as one of the most significant industrial disasters in recent years. Yet barely a word has been mentioned in the press of the human cost of this tragedy, the focus of news articles being almost entirely on the environmental impact.
As we prepare for Workers’ Memorial Day this week, we have to ask what is the explanation for the media treatment of this tragedy? Other recent industrial disasters (Upper Big Branch mine, the Tesoro refinery, the Kleen Energy plant in CT) all garnered significant media attention to the human cost of these explosions, as they should have. Is it the fact that the incident took place offshore? That the fatalities are not yet confirmed?
Whatever the reason, it is an unjustifiable omission. Yes, we are concerned about the potential environmental impact of a Gulf of Mexico oil spill, but the potential loss of 11 workers’ lives deserves more attention than it has received.