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On this site, you will find a wide variety of useful resources on workers’ health and safety. This site is not intended to provide an exhaustive list of technical resources–rather, we focus on practical tools that workers, union health and safety activists, health and safety trainers can use. Resources available on this site include:

  • Workers’ Toolbox: a collection of materials on workers’ rights under OSHA and how to use them
  • Tools for Trainers: a variety of materials for use in worker-centered participatory training
  • Resources for and about Immigrant Workers
  • Hazards Info: a collection of materials on occupational safety and health hazards
  • Resources for and about Young Workers
  • OSH Policy:Documents related to OSH policy.
  • OSH Facts: a collection of data on occupational safety and health in the United States
  • Workers’ Compensation information
  • Materials in Spanish
  • Materials in Other Languages