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Our Turn Pledge

Full Text of Principles and Pledge


We, as workers, community, labor, nonprofit, legal and academic activists, hereby commit to the following:

Building on decades of groundbreaking, often unsung efforts to create work environments that are free from sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence, we are uniting our voices to say it is OUR TURN to change power dynamics that have allowed and supported these harmful practices to continue and thrive.

It is OUR TURN because people continue to go to work every day only to be verbally, emotionally, and physically abused; treated with disrespect; and ignored, threatened, and retaliated against when they speak up. It is OUR TURN to unite and take back our workplaces.

It is OUR TURN to ensure that workers have a strong voice and win justice on the job, including the right to earn family sustaining wages in jobs that are free from sexual harassment, abuse, and threats.

It is OUR TURN to unite with workers across all industries, particularly women, people of color, LGBTQ people, immigrants, people with disabilities, and all those in low-paying jobs who have historically been targeted, and then silenced, when trying to challenge abuse. It is OUR TURN to come together in common purpose to improve the working lives and enhance the safety and security of all workers, in each and every workplace.

It is OUR TURN to change the systems and the supports that allow and promote workplace injustice, sexual harassment and abuse.

We recognize that anyone — of any sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, immigration or linguistic background, age, or occupation — can be targeted for abuse. But abusers often target people with less social and economic power, and it is difficult to access resources and support needed to fight back. It is OUR TURN to prevent sexual harssment and to ensure that all survivors have access to recourse and the resources needed to assist them.

Our Principles

  • Sexual harassment intersects and overlaps with other forms of oppression and exploitation, including racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia.

  • Workers, particularly women, people of color, immigrants, and others in low-paying jobs, lead our efforts.

  • Sexual harassment is about power imbalance in the workplace and society. We commit to address the root of the problem.

  • We believe that the most effective way to stop workplace harassment and abuse is by preventing the conditions that create abuse, rather than simply responding to them.

We Support

  • Holding employers accountable for worker abuse and making sexual harassment economically damaging.

  • Increasing the financial stability of workers through higher wages so that they have the means to leave an abusive job.

  • Third party reporting and monitoring structures that act in the interests of workers and have the authority to compel employers to make meaningful changes.

  • Strong protection against retaliation and for whistleblowers.

We Oppose

  • Power imbalances that allow supervisors to demand favors from workers in exchange for continued employment, opportunities for advancement, or essential benefits, such as time off to go to the doctor or care for sick children.

  • Retaliation against people who report sexual harassment, including shaming, disbelief, loss of opportunities for advancement, diminished earning power, changes in work schedule, and loss of employment..

  • Structures that force workers to tolerate abuse from customers to earn their living, like lower wages for tipped workers.

We Pledge To

  • Support workers who take action individually and collectively;

  • Encourage organizing in the workplace to prevent, identify and eliminate abuse, harassment, coercion and intimidation;

  • Advocate for laws and public policies that protect workers’ rights;

  • Elevate the stories of workers who have fought back against abuse and harassment, especially people of color, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ+ community;

  • Educate ourselves and our coworkers about the best way to support workers who are standing up for safety and dignity in the workplace; and

  • Hold government agencies and all employers accountable for sexual harassment and violence perpetrated in the workplaces they oversee.