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Presenter Information


Welcome, presenters! We look forward to having you join us at our National Conference for Worker Health and Safety. Valuable Information about developing and facilitating your workshop session is outlined below. Please remember to complete the Presenter Information Form as soon as possible (deadline Wednesday, November 8, 2017).  

All workshop presenters must register and pay for the conference. To register, click here.

Workshop presenters are responsible for their air and ground travel to the conference, hotel reservations, and meals that are not included as part of the registration. Please visit here for room reservations at the Maritime Center, or call 866-900-3517. If you are staying at the Maritime Institute this includes breakfast and dinner. The conference registration includes lunch on December 6 and 7. For more information conference logistics information, click here.


Please carefully review your workshop session information on the conference agenda distributed via email:

  1. Workshop Title and Description: Please convene with your fellow presenter/s to agree on the best “headline” for your workshop title that makes people WANT to attend your workshop. Additionally, provide a brief workshop description, 150 words max, which outlines what themes and topics participants can expect to be covered. Please provide this information in the Presenter Information Form (one form per workshop session).

  2. Presenter Details: Review all presenter information including spelling and accuracy of title and organizational affiliation.

  3. Audiovisual Needs: Please specify any audio/visual needs you may have by completing the Presenter Information form. Keep in mind that all session rooms will be equipped with an LCD projector and screen, and a VGA connector. We are unable to provide a laptop, so if you plan to give a digital presentation please bring your own device. Requests for additional audiovisual support, such as internet access, will be considered but we cannot guarantee availability. Let us know in advance if you are planning to stream videos so that an audiovisual technician can help you load the video before the start of the session. NOTE: We are not equipped to support Mac technology. If you will be using a Mac, you must provide your own VGA adapter.

  4. Workshop Session Handouts: All presenters are responsible for bringing their own copies of handouts. We recommend bringing at least 25 copies of each handout. The conference coordinators will send separate instructions over email on how to upload your workshop handouts to a google drive folder.

  5. Other Information to Consider for your Workshop Session:
  • Plan your workshop to be participatory and interactive!   Particip ­atory learning, in which learners are directly engaged in their own learning, is more empowering. People remember more if they are actively involved in their own learning. Here is a great resource with tips on how to facilitate a participatory workshop, click here.
  • As we seek to promote language justice we appreciate your sensitivity and awareness of a bilingual space. There will be interpreters assisting in selected workshops where there is a popular interest by monolingual speaking participants. If you plan to have small group break outs you might want to consider breaking up folks in language groups or ensure there is an interpreter available in the groups Spanish speakers go into. It would also be an extra bonus if you had some of your handouts on your topic available in Spanish (this is ideal, but we are aware it is not always possible).