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Repeat a Lie Often Enough…

The New York Times ran a story on Sunday regarding Cass Sunstein’s departure which stated that  “Business lobbies and Republicans in Congress complain frequently about “job-killing” regulations, citing rules like …the  Department of Labor’s new worker-safety rules.”     This despite the fact that virtually  none of the proposed rules have actually managed to see the light of day. Yet the Times repeats the anti-regulatory mantra as fact, reinforcing the “job-killing regulations” narrative, which is based entirely on lies and deception. Which “job-killing rules does the story refer to? The proposed child labor in agriculture rules (killed by ag industry opposition)? The decades long-awaited update to the Silica rule (in long-term regulatory limbo)? The proposed Injury and Illness Prevention Standard (never gotten out of the starting gate)? The Combustible Dust standard (ditto)?

Nonetheless, the Times story does contain a good quote from our colleague Rena Steinzor, which conveys the message that Sunstein was no friend of the labor/environmental community.