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Show Your Support – Become a Sponsor

Join UAW, NATCA, CWA, SEIU, AFT, AFSCME, UFCW, IUBAC, IBT, LaborSafe Consulting, and the Illinois Education and Research Center at the School of Public Health, University of Illinois-Chicago in supporting National COSH’s 4th National Conference on Worker Safety and Health on June 2 – 4, 2015, at the Maritime Institute outside of Baltimore.

We are looking for sponsor partners- unions, organizations, and individuals- that are leading the way in worker safety and health – to help make our 2015 conference a success.

The National COSH conference is the only worker health and safety conference of its kind in the country, and in the last 4 years has brought together over 1000 advocates and leaders from unions, COSH groups, worker centers and other worker advocacy groups from across the country to share knowledge, experiences and strategies on building safer and healthier workplaces for diverse worker populations.

The 2015 conference promises to be even bigger and better. We are expanding the program to include more workshops and regional networking sessions for health and safety activists to meet and plan activities to strengthen the safety and health movement in their area.

None of this would be possible if it weren’tfor the unions and advocacy organizations that unite workers to defend their rights. You can help us make the 2015 conference a success in several ways (see Sponsorship Opportunities here):

  • Adding a link to your website and sharing materials about our conference.
  • Being an “endorsing organization,” which will allow us to use your organization name and logo on the promotional literature and materials
  • Becoming a conference sponsor
  • Contributing to the Worker Scholarship Program which will allow worker centers and others to participate

Your support will be recognized to the more than 350 workplace safety and health advocates expected to attend in 2015. The attached flyer highlights the sponsorship benefits and options available to organizations and individuals.

Current sponsors and sponsorship levels are:

  • National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) ― Champion
  • LaborSafe Consulting― Champion and Scholarship Sponsor
  • United Auto Workers ― Champion
  • Communications Workers of America (CWA) ― Steward
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU) ― Steward
  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) ―Endorser
  • United Food & Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) ― Endorser
  • International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers (IUBAC) ― Endorser
  • American Federation of Teachers (AFT) ― Endorser and Scholarship Sponsor
  • Illinois Education and Research Center at the School of Public Health, University of Illinois-Chicago ― Endorser
  • Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes- Division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters ― Endorser and Scholarship Sponsor
  • Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Local 2910 ― Endorser

If you have questions about Conference Sponsorship, please feel free to contact National COSH at 413-565-2381 or [email protected].

We appreciate you partnering with us to make this all possible and please- spread the word!

In solidarity,


Barbara Rahke, President

Mary Vogel, Executive Director