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Show Your Support for Striking Steelworkers

Do you have a minute to help workers who are fighting for safety in their workplaces and communities?

If so, please join the National COSH team in signing this online petition. We” re proud to support more than 5,000 Steelworkers, currently on strike to improve health and safety in America’s oil refinery industry.

“None of us wants to be the next person to lose his life for no good reason,” says Butch Cleve, currently on the picket line at a Tesoro refinery in Anacortes, Washington.

Shell, BP, Exxon and other multinational oil companies who operate America’s refineries are too cheap to hire enough people. Instead, they” re over-scheduling their existing staff, forcing workers into 12-hour shifts for nearly a month at a time.

If you agree that 12-hour workdays are unfair and unsafe, please sign here (and share this link with friends).

If working conditions in our refineries are unsafe, it’s not just workers who are at risk. Residents in nearby communities also suffer when there’s a fire, explosion or release of toxic chemicals.

Photo courtesy of United Steelworkers.

Please sign today to let the oil companies know you support workers who are standing up for safe work practices in America’s refineries.

Steelworkers who are walking the picket lines- and their families — need our help. It’s time to step up. Thanks.

In Solidarity,

National COSH Team

P.S. Five years ago, Butch Cleve was walking inside his plant in Anacortes, not outside of it, consoling co-workers after seven people died in an explosion. Let’s do our part to keep Butch and his co-workers as safe as possible from now on. Thanks.