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Some good news in the midst of the government shutdown

In a week that brought us the government shutdown, stalled OSHA inspections, a lockdown on Capitol Hill (okay, and a wedding on the Colbert Report), we are thrilled to round out the week with some good news.

First, we are honored to be listed among MySafetySign’s Top-10 safety blogs!

Writes Krissa Cavouras, knowledge manger at MySafetySign, “We definitely rely  on the industry bloggers as much as the mainstream media, when it comes to  staying on top of issues and trends. There’s an authority of experience when  it comes to the front lines of safety management, which our readers and  customers appreciate. When I see new content from one of these blogs, you can  bet it’s my first read of the day.”

Specifically about this blog, Cavouras writes,

“COSHnet Blog takes a strong advocacy position, and frequently highlights the difficulties facing workers when it comes to their own safety and health. The blog is published by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health, which is a non-profit coalition of labor unions, health and technical professionals, and others interested in promoting and advocating for worker health and safety. COSHnet often editorializes about recent industry and federal regulations, focusing on the worker’s perspective or addressing the consequences of regulatory action (or inaction) for workers.”

We are thrilled to be listed among your must-reads. For our readers, which other safety blogs are top on your list?

Secondly, we are excited to announce that we have received 20 nominations for the National COSH 2013 Health and Safety Activist Awards! These nominations commend individuals and groups- from COSH groups to worker centers to labor education programs- around the country who are doing creative, inspiring work in the face of rampant health and safety hazards and obstacles on the job

While the Conference Planning Committee certainly has some tough choices ahead in selecting the award winners, we are inspired by these incredible stories of worker organizing and advocacy. We look forward to sharing these motivational stories with you at the conference and during our award ceremony.

Register for the conference here to join in and be part the movement. There are currently some great deals for air travel.

Pay for the awards ceremony here (if you aren’tstaying at the Maritime Institute). Learn about some of the previous award winners and see videos of some acceptance speeches here.