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As we hit two years of silica rule at OIRA, what will you do?

There are a couple more great stories and blog posts to highlight today on the silica rule.

The AFL-CIO’s Peg Seminario was featured in an NPR story this morning about the delay in the silica rule and the countless workers who are affected in the meantime.

“Every year this rule is delayed, another 60 workers will die,” says Seminario. “That’s deaths. That’s not to even look at the numbers of workers who will become sick. We still have thousands of new cases of silicosis every year in this country.”

The Union of Concerned Scientists also had an informative blog post referencing the fact that OIRA is merely reviewing whether to accept  public comments on its draft proposal.

Incredibly, we” re just talking about the first step in the process here. OSHA isn’tasking the White House to approve a final rule. It is simply asking the White House to allow the agency to collect public comments on its draft proposal. We” re still many months and likely years away from a final silica public health standard.

In other words, if the Obama administration intends on taking action during the president’s second term to protect workers from this entirely preventable disease, it needs to remove the logjam now.

Next Thursday, February 14, marks the two-year anniversary of the proposed silica rule getting stuck at OIRA. What will you do to keep pressure on the agency?