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National COSH Webinar on Worker Fatalities

On January 14, over sixty health and safety activists from around the country participated in National COSH’s first Webinar on Worker Fatalities.

A recording of this webinar, invaluable to any groups or individuals interested in the latest resources to address the tragedy of on-the-job deaths, is now available to you here.

It includes:

Introduction with Jessica Martinez and Peter Dooley of National COSH.

The latest emerging perspectives on workplace safety, with Jim Howe of Safety Solutions.

Bethany Boggess from the Workers Defense Project on using the U.S. Worker Fatality Database — an open access project documenting fatal workplace injuries and illnesses — and translating the enhanced data into actions that can save the lives of workers. Includes a case study on using the Database to support the successful campaign to get paid rest breaks for workers in Dallas.

Preparing for Workers Memorial Week, April 23-30, 2016, with tales from the front lines and lessons learned from Dan Neal of Wyoming COSH, Martha Ojeda of Houston’s Fe Y Justicia, and Tolle Graham of MassCOSH, along with key resources from Peter Dooley and Roger Kerson of National COSH. Includes information and strategies for outreach to media and to family members of deceased workers.

Next steps, and Q&A.

We encourage you to engage with your fellow health and safety activists in this 90-minute webinar. By sharing our collective tools and knowledge, we can broaden activism for the 2016 Workers’ Memorial Week and lead the way in ending the crisis of workplace deaths.