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Worker Health and Safety Conference and Summit Reportback

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) hosted a successful and historic first Worker Health and Safety Conference and Summit at the Maritime Institute in Baltimore, MD on October 28 and 29, 2011. The Conference brought together over 200 diverse worker advocates and leaders representing labor unions, worker centers, community organizations, university and government entities, and families of victims from across the country. Attendees participated in a series of panels highlighting some of the most innovative programs and campaigns and more than 30 workshops that covered a wide range of workplace health and safety topics ranging from effective training techniques, accident investigation, advanced legal rights, building health and safety campaigns, and many more.

The general sessions brought together some of the most influential, compelling, and motivational national labor leaders, which included Cecil Roberts, Jordan Barab, and Linda Rae Murray. During the special evening of the Awards Banquet some of the most prominent and dedicated worker leaders and activists were honored and participants gathered to learn and celebrate significant workplace health and safety victories.

The two day conference ended with a policy summit that drew support to some local campaigns and broke participants into working groups that strategized for national action in the coming year. We look forward to the developments of those action plans and to the next National Worker Health and Safety Conference and Summit in which we hope to see you!


“I have gotten tons of knowledge and skills at this conference, which will help me to do a better job in reaching out to and training workers.”

“Very interactive, good speakers, great resources. I got lots of resources to bring back to members, great ideas and very motivational!”

“Wide variety of people, information sharing. Every workshop I went to gave me ideas that I will attempt to bring into our work.”

“A great experience, I learned a lot about how to get other people involved.”


Over 30 hands-on interactive workshops facilitated by diverse occupational safety and health leaders and experts.

Cecil Roberts , President of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) and Vice President of the AFL-CIO, delivering an electrifying and inspirational speech. His stories as a miner and labor leader captivated and re-energized the audience.

Guest speakers Jordan Barab, OSHA, and Rafael Moure- Eraso, Chemical Safety Board, addressing worker OSH policy.


Worker Voices Panel bringing to light worker stories of workplace injuries, struggles, and advocacy efforts.
Our National COSH Board thanks you and looks forward to your collaboration in making the worker health and safety movement stronger. We are advocates leading the fight to safe and healthy workplaces!