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Resources on Young Worker Health and Safety

On this Page you will find:

Laws and Regulations Factsheets Curricula

Research Links

Laws and Regulations limiting youth work

OSHA’s Teen Workers’ Page: An overview of laws affecting teen workers, teen workers’ rights on the job, and other useful information presented in a very readable and lively format.

United States Department of Labor regulations limiting child/youth labor

Youth in Agricultural Work: Regulations from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. In English and in Spanish.

Washington state: “Teen Workers Have Two Jobs“. A guide for employers addressing teen work regulations.

Factsheets and Reports

“Landscaping: Plant your feet on safe ground.” Factsheets for young workers produced by OSHA.

Clocking in for Trouble: Teens and Unsafe Work: A 2006 report issued by the National Consumers League. Details the “five worst teen jobs” in terms of health and safety.

Health and Safety Rights on the Job for Teen Workers. 2 page factsheet by the National COSH Network. (pdf)

Are You a Working Teen? Factsheet on Safety and Health Hazards on the job for Young Workers (pdf)

Hurt on the Job? Information Alert for Teens Basic Guide to Workers’ Compensation for Teen Workers (pdf)

Facts about Teen Driving on the Job. A factsheet from the Child Labor Coalition for Teen Workers and Students.

So You’ve Got the Job A flyer from the California Resource Network for Young Worker Health and Safety, which is housed at LOHP. It describes resources available from the Network and other groups. (PDF)

Tips for Working Teens: Six tips from the National Consumers League.

Tips for Parents of Working Teens: Five tips from the National Consumers League.


SAFE WORK/SAFE WORKERS:A guide for teaching high school students about occupational health and safety. Developed by the Occupational Health Surveillance Program, Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Children’s Safety Network, Education Development Center, Inc. A three-hour curriculum for young people that can be taught by high school teachers or other community educators in its entirety or in parts. The goals of SAFE WORK/SAFE WORKERS are:
bulletto educate students about workplace hazards and strategies for preventing work-related injuries and illnesses;
bulletto raise teens’ awareness of their rights on the job and the resources available to assist them;
bulletto encourage young workers to be active participants in creating and maintaining safe and healthful work environments.

SAFE WORK/SAFE WORKERS includes everything you will need to teach an introductory unit on occupational health and safety. Includes a video and four learning activities created with high school students who helped make them relevant, age-appropriate, and fun. Background materials on pertinent occupational health and safety topics are included as are resource lists of helpful agencies and organizations. Click here for ordering information

Safe Jobs for Youth, UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program. (Click on “Projects”, then “Youth Project”, then “Resources” to get ordering information.) School-based education curricula unit, “Safe Jobs for Youth” is designed to give young people the knowledge and life skills they need to protect their health as they enter the workforce. The unit includes 10 lesson plans and over 20 handouts.


Protecting Working Teens: A Public Health Resource Guide

A guide designed to facilitate collaboration among labor departments, public health professionals, educators, employers, unions, and youth service agencies groups by providing information on the scope and causes of the teen work injury problem, along with examples of how each group can contribute its expertise and resources to reduce hazards faced by teens on the job.

Protecting Working Teens: A Public Health Resource Guide is the product of a collaboration between the Children’s Safety Network (CSN) and the Occupational Health Surveillance Program (OHSP) in the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. This guide is primarily aimed at public health professionals – that is, staff in state and local public health agencies and health care providers working in community settings. However, labor and education professionals, and others with an interest in adolescent health and safety, should also find it useful. For More Information or to order a copy, click here.

Links to Good Sites with Youth-Work Resources

The California Resource Network for Young Worker Health and Safety

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries: Great collection of resources for and about young worker health and safety.